The Cajun Cousins are a cohesive group of Cajun musicians rooted around the Louisiana-Texas border and, like most, play local clubs, private parties, restaurants, and a variety of special functions throughout LA and TX. The sound they are known best for is a true, contemporary “dance-hall-if-you-can-find-one” style of Cajun music.

They come together on the weekends to combine their talents to produce quality traditional Cajun Music. Without any practice because of day jobs, these musicians create new innovative musical tunes and reproduce traditional songs created by other distinguished musicians, each band members’ talents combine and blend together to give a wholesome, authentic sound. One can tell by the quality of music and the joy these guys display when performing, that anchoring the roots of the Cajun tradition is something this band takes extreme pride in.

Jackie Caillier, Ivy Dugas & the Cajun Cousins are seemingly unstoppable and literally dominated the Cajun French Music Association Awards over the years taking home coveted awards such as Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year, Accordionist of the Year, and People’s Choice Awards. With a combined 75 plus years of experience between the two, it’s no wonder that the group is as popular as they are today!